Home Seller’s Guide

Is it the right time to sell your mountain home?

We provide candid advice and will guide you through what can be thought of by many as a daunting process.

When working with our clients, we break the process down into 11 main time blocks (TB):

1. Choose your Listing Agent: someone you trust.

2. Estimated Seller’s Net: we calculate your actual estimated net based on our list price range recommendation so that you know how much money you have to put down on your next investment.

3. Market Analysis: evaluating the best price.

4. Listing Contract: contract listing your property.

5. Showing Checklist: designing a ‘getting ready to sell’ work list to get the most money for you,

6. Improvements Scheduling: scheduling any needed subcontractors for improvements.

7. Inventory Checklist: removing personal items from your home.

8. Listing Your Property – Marketing Launch: your home is off and running in your specialized marketing plan.

9. Offers: considering offers with Estimated Sellers Net and Recommended Counter Checklist.

10. Closing: getting to settlement.

11. Moving: your personal items.

Prepare to Sell Your House

Choosing the right Listing Agent (TB1) early in your decision making process to sell can really make the process easier. But that needs to be the right agent for you and someone that you trust.

After you have hired the Gongloff Group, we provide an Estimated Seller’s Net (TB2) at a minimum of three points during your listing period:

1. Market Analysis (TB3) stage based on your recommended list price range

2. Following improvements, we take those costs out of your Estimated Sellers Net so that you know the real costs associated with sale.

3. Finally, we provide a new Estimated Sellers Net every time you receive an offer so you can see the bottom line.

Additionally, we create a customized marketing plan to make sure that all possible prospective Buyers will see your home immediately upon listing thereupon maximizing the return on your investment.

After we complete a Listing Contract (TB4), positioning your home to sell quickly and for the highest value possible is accomplished by making your house show at its best. When priced and marketed properly – at the right time, there will be lots of potential buyers coming through your home, so it important that you keep it in “show” ready condition. This means – keeping it show-ready condition as detailed by our Showing and Staging Checklist (TB5) every single day.

Many Sellers wait to market their home because they have a list of repairs/remodel items that they believe are necessary for selling for the highest price. We guide you through what to do and what not to do, and even recommend subcontractors, for Improvement Scheduling (TB6).

Once you and your listing agent have completed these steps, it is time to prepare and stage your home for sale, and create an Inventory Checklist (TB7), if applicable, that determines what is included if you are selling the property furnished.

Finally, in preparing to sell your home, be ready to move quickly. From April 2016 to July 2016, the Median Days to Sell in Summit County was 23.33*. (*Data provided by Summit County MLS.)

Listing Your Property

You’ve signed a listing agreement with us, so now what?

You can bank on acquiring more net for your investment in direct relation to the length of time that your home is listed for sale. Currently, the quicker you receive offers, the higher price you will earn.

We execute your customized Marketing Plan (TB8) when scheduled, which includes many traditional vehicles and new web-based and social media related marketing tools.

We have open houses for local realtors as well as potential Buyers. We also ensure that Buyer’s Agents have easy to follow instructions to be able to get into the house for individually scheduled appointments and per your instructions.

It is important to us that you understand that the sale of your home is a partnership between you and the Gongloff Group and that we have up to date methods, which achieve a faster and consequently more lucrative sale. (See Why Sell With the GG for additional details.)

Considering Offers (TB9)

You’re at the right price and we have executed your marketing plan, and an offer or multiple offers come in. How do you know which one to take – if any – and is this the best deal for you or should you wait for more?

As your Listing Agent, we read through all offers line-by-line and design a Recommended Counter Checklists and create an updated Estimated Seller’s Net Sheet so that you can make informed decisions as to which is the most lucrative offer for your needs.

Getting to Close (TB10)

Closing can be the time and date and location of your choosing with enough planning. We will ask you – when we go under contract – where and when you prefer closing, and arrange it around your schedule, if possible.

Moving your Personal Items (TB11)

As if all of the previous work wasn’t enough, the thought of moving your stuff… can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. You’ve already started by getting your home staged and uncluttered for sale, and you have already taken the initial personal items out of the property as noted in your Inventory Checklist. If you need us to help you with moving, please let us know. We are here to help you.

Congratulations on selling your home! We hope this guide has made the process smoother for you.

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