Buyer’s Agent

Why do you need a Buyer’s Agent?

With all the online options, a Buyer has to find properties for sale; you may ask why you would need a Buyer’s Agent.

Though not all Realtors will work for you as a Buyer’s Agent, we feel it is just as important for the Buyer to have someone representing his best interests as it is for the Seller in a real estate transaction. So, at the Gongloff Group, it is our goal to work for you as a Buyer’s Agent.

So, let us help you understand how we can assist you when you are buying the home of your dreams in a market where in July 2016* the Median Days to Sell were just 13 days in Summit County, Colorado, and the Town of Breckenridge just 22.

As your Buyer’s Agent, we are your advocate, advisor, facilitator, and guide through the end-to-end process from understanding the market to making the offer, inspections, finances, negotiations, closing, and more. And, we will:

  1. Work with you to understand your buying needs and wants.
  2. Evaluate available properties, and if there aren’t any that meet your needs then we will proactively approach non-listed property owners whose home matches your criteria.
  3. Be your advocate and advisor throughout the process (see our Buyer’s Guide to understand the buying process).
  4. Provide market information so you will avoid overpaying for a property.
  5. Provide guidance on how to make the most compelling offer to a Seller who has multiple offers from which to choose.

*Information provided by Summit County MLS.

For more information about buying your dream home, please contact us here or call/text us at 970.668.0880 or email